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Website Hosting

  • Bronze

    from $3.50 per month
    • 1GB Storage
    • 10GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Addon Domains: None
    • Subdomains: Unlimited
    • MySQL Databases: 1
  • Silver

    from $5.97 per month
    • 3GB Storage
    • 30GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Addon Domains: 3
    • Subdomains: Unlimited
    • MySQL Databases: 5
  • Gold

    from $8.97 per month
    • 10GB Storage
    • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Addon Domains: Unlimited
    • Subdomains: Unlimited
    • MySQL Databases: Unlimited

Domain registration

Domain registrationThe domain is your name on the internet, and along with hosting these are the two main components to have a good presence on the Internet.

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About Dos Puntos Design

Welcome to Dos Puntos Design, a company committed to fresh, usable web design. Tired of cluttered web pages? We’re here to revamp your web presence through clean, efficient and affordable web design.

Created in 2011 by Johan Wagenheim, our company works hard to create custom sites that not only look great, but represent you. Will your website feature a blog? Are you looking to promote your company via social media? Whatever your unique situation, Dos Puntos Design is here to make “custom” finally possible.

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