Website Maintenance
Maintaining a website can be a time consuming job. Let us take care of changes and updates on your website, so that you can stay focused on your business. We also make sure your website is up to date under the hood, by keeping your CMS and extensions updated. And should the unthinkable happen and your website goes down, we'll restore it in no time from a complete backup.

Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you with your existing website.

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No matter what you do, technical problems will pop up eventually. Technology will break down and cause you problems. Don't lose your website when your server fails, or a hacker gets you. Being prepared helps you get back online a lot faster.

At Dos Puntos Design, we increase your security settings using both manual and automatic methods. In addition, we can take regular backups (daily, weekly or any other interval required). The backup is stored on a different server, and tested frequently in order to assure complete safety.

System Updates

Modern software is updated frequently. Both with new functions and with security patches. For that reason it's very important to keep everything up to date, whether it's your CMS, extensions, server software or other programs.

We make sure you're using up-to-date software, and take care of any required update as soon as it's released.

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